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       Hello everyone my name is Corey and I have just started up this website to give reviews of the games I play. I am mostly an Xbox player, but have recently started playing PlayStation Exclusives as well. I am a 24 year old who works full time and plays as a hobby, and I have been gaming for about 15 years now. I play a wide variety of games and for the most part try and get all Achievements or trophies for the games I do play. It just makes gaming even more fun than what it is now. So feel free to add me on Xbox at Tankk OG or on PSN at Tankk_OG I play almost everyday or when I can. I try to get my hands on the newest games that there is available. With this I will hopefully be giving reviews of these games that I have played and maybe help you guys decide on if you'd like to play the game as well.



Headlines & Stories


My Completed Games

My completed games are games that I have unlocked all of the achievements in.


My Game Reviews

Here I will review any game that I've played through and will base my scores off of the gameplay/story, the fun factor/ replay ability, and the achievements.